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Introducing Zima Bank: New reality of payments. Banking without borders. Cryptocurrency Wallets. Payment Cards for online and offline use. DeFi Access. Pre-IPO Participation services.

About us

Zima Bank offers new reality of payments. Your Personal Card, funded by your Zimabank balance. The most convenient, easiest way to spend your cryptocurrency across the world. Access to your financial portfolio 24/7.

Make online or in-person purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs using your crypto balance. No hidden fees. Everything you need in crypto and traditional payments - all in one place.

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How it works
256 bit encryption
Private users
Business users
256 bit encryption
traditional financial services
  • Current accounts
  • Saving accounts
  • Payment cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Trading platform
  • Crypto exchange
  • Payment Processing Networks
  • Correspondent Banks
Crypto wallet
smart contract
  • Zima Bank Token (ZIMA)
  • DeFi fund platform
  • Analytics
  • Public stats
  • Staking and Farming
Decentralized users
products and services
Bank Accounts

Access to traditional financial services of all types of market participants - businesses and private users.

Crypto-Backed Loans

We plan to offer crypto lending functionality secured by cryptocurrency portfolios. Enjoy the best rates!

Payment cards

We will work to obtain direct Payment Network Member status for the subsequent issuance of cards.

Pre-IPO & IPO: Tokenized

ZimaBank will allow to get access to the best IPO projects of the world in a quick and convenient way.

Crypto Wallet

Our combined multi crypto wallet will allow transactions both in fiat and crypto.

Crypto Exchange

Full integration of the centralized structure and decentralized exchange within a single platform.

Payment cards
Regular banking

Payments made easy

Crypto wallet

Real world finance

DeFi Access

Withdraw earnings

Transact anywhere

Use your cash


Pay and get rewarded

Always at your disposal

Zima Bank offers new reality of payments. Your Personal Card, funded by your Zimabank balance. The most convenient, easiest way to spend your cryptocurrency across the world. Access to your financial portfolio 24/7.

Tokenized IPO and Pre-IPO

What is IPO and Pre-IPO? IPO - the process of initial public offering of companies on the stock market. This approach allows almost anyone to become the first investor in the company by getting a stake in it before anyone else.

Why Tokenized? A unique service for the financial industry is tokenization of participation in traditional Initial Public Offerings (Pre-IPO/IPO) makes it extremely easy to participate and enjoy the best allocation possible.

Average profits from Pre-IPO participation Past results
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
According to top 50 IPO companies
Order your ZIMA debit card and start mining Bitcoin

After the tokensale campaign, ZimaBank will use up to 50% of attracted funds to purchase the mining equipment.

Use your card
withdraw funds at ATM
Stake Zima Tokens

And mine cryptocurrencies right to your ZimaBank wallet!

Own mining datacenters in:
Order now
Invest in Projects on Early Stages. Crypto and Blockchain. Traditional Businesses.

The company's securities are sold to an unlimited number of investors, who start trading with each other after the IPO. With this procedure, business owners can find out the market value of the company and, most importantly, raise money for its development. ZimaBank will allow our investors to get an access to the best Initial Public Offerings (IPO/IEO/IDO) projects of the world in a quick and convenient way, with the highest possible allocation.

ICO and Pre-ICO
Super allocation Strict project control No governmental control Full Tokenization Wide blockchain application cases
Wide array of services Low commissions Combining the most demanded services Removing the barriers between
traditional finance and DeFi
Simple and clear investment tools Transparent and easy to use
Pre-IPO and IPO
Full transparency Access to wide array of fiat currencies Access to traditional markets Plastic and wireless payments Access to regulated assets
Crypto Backed Loans

Get cash or stablecoins using your crypto with rates starting from 0% APR. Just top up and your credit line becomes instantly available.

No credit checks No more waiting
No monthly payments Fair offers
Low minimums Borrows from 50$
No hidden fees Easy and straightforward
DeFi Investment Fund

In addition to the aggregation of decentralized liquidity, we plan to form a Decentralized Fund. This will allow our users to invest free assets on weekend terms and maximum transparency provided by blockchain technology.

1 step Choose your
2 step Deposit your
3 step Watch semi-automated
4 step Redeem
Product Flex Deposit
Total value locked (TVL) 21,826,649 $
Expected APY 59%
coming soon
Product Flex Deposit
Total value locked (TVL) 85,112,435 $
Expected APY 103%
coming soon
Product Flex Deposit
Total value locked (TVL) 968,456 $
Expected APY 67%
coming soon
Product Flex Deposit
Total value locked (TVL) 103,168,456 $
Expected APY 129%
coming soon
Zima Bank has the strictest security policies possible. Safety and security is our top concern

At ZimaBank we are convinced that security and reliability of the platform is the key to building trustful relationship with our users, that's why we pay maximum attention to this area. We use the most progressive accepted standards.

ISO 27001.2013 Compliant
Two-Factor Autentication
Professional Grade 256bit Encryption
Biometric-based KYC identification
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Frequently asked
What is Zima Bank?

ZimaBank is your personal digital bank combining traditional finance with the world of cryptocurrencies. The project is based on a modular ecosystem. This architecture will allow us to provide the widest range of banking, trading and investment products and services and combine them in one convenient application.

What services will Zima Bank offer?

We are proud to introduce our plans on a wide array of banking and blockchain services:<br/> ● Bank Account Opening and Servicing;<br/> ● Account servicing and payments (SWIFT, SEPA);<br/> ● Payments and accounts in national currencies;<br/> ● Fiat payment services;<br/> ● Fiat deposits for Zima Bank services;<br/> ● Depository accounts;<br/> ● Segregated accounts and OTC transactions;<br/> ● Currency exchange at market rates;<br/> ● Payment cards;<br/> ● Debit card issuance and processing/contactless payments;<br/> ● Credit Card Acquiring;<br/> ● Lending secured by cryptocurrency portfolios;<br/> ● Brokerage - stock and currency markets (Forex, Stocks).<br/>

What is Zima Token?

The Zima token is a utility token, the basis of the ZimaBank project. We decided to use the Tokensale model to implement the project because the prospective investors are our potential customers. It is them, in the first place, who will be able to consider the profitability of the project. We provide ideas and arguments understandable to any specialist who works with cryptocurrency. The described limitations and difficulties in working with existing services are a reality familiar to every specialist in this field. We launch Tokensale-campaign because we know that with the participation of a wide range of investors we will achieve much greater success and we will be able to fully implement all the intended functionality at the proper level.

How do I participate in your tokensale campaign?

We suggest that you subscribe to our Telegram and Twitter groups to stay informed on upcoming ZimaBank updates.

Which blockchain is Zima Token based on?

At this time, we only operate BSC20 (Binance Smart Chain) network. More networks can also be considered later.

I still have a question to ask…

You are welcome! Feel free to contact our Telegram group admins. They are always online for you.

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